Saturday, 16 November 2013

Hindi Gaalis and their Meaning part -3

Loda, Lauda, Lawda, lavde, lavda: penis, dick, cock
Lund: Penis, dick, cock
Mammey (mumm-aye): Breasts
Hug, hugna, hugnaa: to shit
Hijra (hijde): Gay, Transsexual
Kaamchor: Lazy person (literally: work thief)
Khota: Donkey
Kuttiya: Bitch
Paad: fart
Rundi: Hooker
Saala: idiot (literally: brother-in-law)
Saala kutta: Bloody dog
Saali kutti: Bloody bitch
Sali Kuta: Stupid Bastard
Sali Kutti: Stupid Bitch
Tatti: Shit
Kamina: bastard
kuthi for girl, kutha for guy (means b!tch)
bandhar: monkey
Apni gaand mein muthi daal: Put your fist up your ass
Apni lund choos: Go and suck your own dick
Apni ma ko ja choos: Go suck your mom
Bandaa: Semi-dick
Bhen ke laude: Sister’s dick, dick for your sister
Bhen ke takke: Go and suck your sister’s balls
Abla naari tera buble bhaari: woman, your tits are huge
BhonsRi-Waalaa: You fucker

Bhadwe ka awlat: Son of a pimp
Bhains ki aulad: Son of a buffalo
Buddha Khoosat: Old fart
Buhtah-nee ka: Son of a Witch
Backarchodu: Goat-fucker
Bhadkhau: One who takes commission from a prostitute
Bol teri gand kaise maru: let me know how to fuck you in the ass
Booblay: Boobs
Bur ki chatani: Ketchup of cunt
Bumchod: Ass fucker
Carrom board: Flat-chested
Chhola Phudakna: Throbbing clit
Chunni: Clit
Chinaal: Whore
Chodra: Fucker
Chodu bhagat: Fucking asshole
Choochii: Breasts
Chudai khana: Whore house
Chudan chudai: Fucking games
Chut ka pujari: pussy worshipper (literally: priest who worships pussy)
Chut ka bhoot: Vaginal Ghost
Choot ke bhoot Vaginal ghost
Chup Ke: Shut Up
Chup Ke Chut Hai: Shut the Fuck up
chup karo (shut up)
chut karo (do the cunt)
Chodela: Fucked up
Chut marike (chut mari ke): Idiot, fucked up
Chut ke pasine mein talay huye bhajiye: Snack fried in pussy sweat
Chut ke dhakkan: Pussy lid
Chut ke gulam: Pussy whipped (literally: slave to the pussy)
Chutiya ka bheja ghas khane gaya hai: (literally: idiot’s brain has gone to eat grass; comparing someone to a stupid ruminant animal)
Choot marani ka: Pussy whipped
Choot ka baal: Hair of vagina
Chipkali ke jhaat ke baal: Lizard’s cunt hairs
Chipkali ke jhaat ke paseene: Sweat of Lizard’s pubic hair
Chipkali ke gaand ke pasine: Sweat of a lizard’s ass
Chipkali ke chut ke pasine: Sweat of reptiles cunt
Chipkali ki bhigi chut: Wet pussy of a wall lizard
Chinaal ke gadde ke nipple ke baal ke joon: Prostitute’s breast’s nipple’s hair’s lice
Chullu bhar muth mein doob mar: Drown yourself in a handful of semen
Cuntmama: Vaginal uncle
Chhed: Vagina (literally ‘hole’)
Fatay huay lundtopi ka: result Result of a torn condom
Fate condom ka natije: Result of ruptured condom
Gaand ka makhan: Butter from the ass
Gaand main lassan: Garlic in ass
Gaand main danda: Stick in ass
Gaand main keera: Bug up your ass
Gaand marau: Person who gets fucked up the ass
Gaand marna: to take advantage of someone (literally: to fuck someone in the ass)
Gaand mein bambu: A bamboo up your ass
Gaandmasti: Extra playfulness (rude term)
Gaandfat: Busted ass
Gaandkate Kutte: A dog with his ass scooped out
GPL (Gaand pe laat): to kick someone out (literally: kick in ass)
Ghasti / gashti / gasti / ghassad: Hooker
Goti muh mein hai: my balls have popped up to my mouth
Gote kitne bhi bade ho, lund ke niche hi rehte hai: However big the balls might be, they have to stay beneath the penis
Hamari le rahe hai: They are screwing us (literally: they are taking ours)
Hazaar lund teri gaand main: Thousand dicks in your ass
Haraam Zaada: Bastard
Haraami: Bastard
Ing ge pan di kut teh: You are a pig
Jaa Apni Bajaa: Go fuck yourself
Jab tu paida hua tho aagey se ya peechey se nikla tha chutiya?: When you were born, did you come out from the front or the back?
Januwar: Animal
Jhaat chaatu: Pubic hair licker
Jhat ke baal: Pubic hair
Jhaat ka bhaaji: Pubic hair fried with vegetables
Jhalla: gay Faggot, fairy
Jhaant ke pissu: Bug of pubic hair
Kaam ho gaya: to have gotten laid (literally: work has been completed)
Kadak maal: Hot girl (literally: hard goods)
Kahe ko kha raha hai chut ki chapati aur lund ka beja?: Why are boring me with all this useless narrative?
Kali Choot Ke Safaid Jhaat: White hair of a black pussy
Kali Chut ka Safaid Jhaat: White hair of a black pussy
Katla (cutlu, kat lund): someone who’s dick has been cut; circumcised. this term is mostly used to denigrate Muslims
Khotey ki aulda: Son of donkey
KLPD (Khade Lund Pe Dhoka): sexual frustration, blue balls; a letdown, a disappointment (literally: fraud on an erect penis, getting no sex when your dick is up)
Kutte ka awlat: Son of a dog
Kutte ka beej: Semen of a dog
Kutte ki jat: Breed of dog
Kutte ke tatte: Dog’s balls
Kutte ke poot, teri maa ki choot: Son of a dog, your mother’s pussy
Kya kadak hai ye: What a hot girl she is (literally: kadak=hard)
Kya maal hai ye: What a hot girl she is (literally: maal=goods)
Lavde ke bal: Hair on your penis
Lund Chus: Suck dick
Lund choosu: Cock sucker
Lund fakir (lund fakeer): one who begs for sex (literally: saint of dicks, beggar’s dick)
Lund fekh ke maroonga toh tera poora khandan chud jayega chutmarike
Lund ka bheja: Brain of penis
Lund pe chad ja: Go ride a dick
Lund pe thand hai: Even my dicks absolutely cool! (I don’t care)
Lund Ke Pasine: Sweat of dick
Lund ka shorba: Semen of dick
Lundoos: Born into this world from a dick
Lavander: Dick head
Lavde ke baal: Dick hair
Maa ke bable: Mother’s breasts
Maa ke bhadwe: Mother’s pimp
Maa ke bhadve: Mom’s pimp
Ma chudi: Mother’s fucked
Mangachinamun: Idiot
Mein teri maa ko liya tha uski suhaag raat pei: I had your mother on her wedding night.
Mein teri maa ko teri bhen ki choot mein chodoonga aur tera baap laltern lekar aayega: I will fuck your mom in your sister’s cunt and your dad will bring a lantern.
Mera ganna mere dil se bada hai: My penis is bigger than my heart
Mere pass nile rang ke gend hai: I have blue balls
Meri Gand Ka Khatmal: Bug of my Ass
Meri lundh choos: Suck my dick
Mere Chuus Maro: Suck my dick


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