Saturday, 16 November 2013

Hindi Gaalis and their Meaning part -5

Teri gand Mein Haathi Ka Lund: Elephant’s dick in your ass
Tere gaand mein keede paday: May worms infest your ass-hole
Terey baad di gaand wich dhanda gussa ker rakdhungi: I am going to put a pill in your damn ass.
Teri mi di kussi mey tera sarra khandan ko ggussa ker rakhdoungi: I’m going to put your whole family in your mom’s ass.
Teri Biwiko Theri Saamne Chodhunga: I will fuck your wife in front of you
Toota hua lund: Broken dick
Tor mai ke chodho: Get back in your mother’s womb
Toto: Penis
Tum chutiya ho: You are an idiot
Tumhare do panv ke bich me khajana hai voh mujhe chahiye: I want the treasure there between your two legs

Ullu ke pathe: Idiot (lit. son of an owl)
Ulloo ka patthaa Owl’s Son; Stupid
Ulloo Choda Stupid; Fucked by an Owl
Uska kaam kya: did you fuck her? (literally: did you work her?)
Aand Testes; Balls
Aandal With Big Testes
Aandu Stupid
Aandupana Stupidity
Asal Ka Born by the real father
Asal ka chuda Born by the real father
Bahenchod Sister Fucker
Bahen ka loda Dick for the Sister
Bahen ki choot Sister’s pussy
Bhosdaa Very Wide Pussy
Bhosdi ka / Bhosdi wala Man with pussy; Asshole
Bhadwa; Bhaand Pimp
Bund; (B-u-nd) Asshole
Bund maraa le Fuck your Asshole
Bur; Boor Pussy
Chhaati Breasts or Chest
Choot / Chut Vagina
Chootad Buttocks; Hips
Chootadchod Butt Fucker
Chootiya Stupid
Chootiyapanti; Chootiyaapa Stupidity
Choochi Tit; Breast
Chudaai Fuck
Chudi Fucked
Chudwana Let Fuck herself
Chull Uthna Urge for sex
Chodnaa To Fuck
Chudaai Khaana Who make living from fucking; pimp
Chudaai Khaani Prostitute
Dhee ka lund Dick for the Daughter
Dhee chod Daughter Fucker
Dheela lund Loose Dick
Fuddi Pussy
Gaand Asshole (definition)
Gaand Maarna To Fuck in the Ass
Gaandu Asshole (person)
Gastee; Gusti Prostitute
Gundmaraa Ass Fucked (man)
Gundmari Ass Fucked (lady)
Haraamjaada Son of Unknown father
Haraamjaadi Daughter ” ” ” ”
Haraamkhor; Haraam ke khaane wale Who eat from the money generated from bad sources.
Haraam ki chudi Fucked by someone other then Husband.
Haraam ka chuda Son of Unknown father
Hijdaa; Hijraa Impotent
Janam jala / Janam jali Cursed; Unlucky
Jhaant Pubic hair; Genital Hairs
Jhaant ka baal One Pubic Hair; “Nothing Compared to me”
Jhaant Ukhaadna Pay Least Harm; Hurt a Bit
Jhad jaana Jerk; Cum
Jhaad diya Jerked
Jhund Insult
Jhandu Stupid
Kutchudi Fucked by Dogs
Kutta Dog
Kutiya Bitch
Kutte ka lund Dick of a Dog
Kutte ke pilley Son of a Dog
Kutiya ke pilley Son of a Bitch
Khasmanu khaani Husband’s Killer; Prostitute
Ladkichod Daughter Fucker
Landait With Cock
Lodu; Lodoo Stupid; Nonsense
Londiyachod Daughter fucker
Maadarchod Mother Fucker
Maa ki choot Mother’s Pussy
Maa ke laude Dick for Mother
Maa chudaa Let your Mother Fuck
Maal Semen; Babe
Mast Maal Real Babe
Maha Gaandu Great Asshole
Paagal; Paggal; Pagali Mad
Paagal choda Stupid; Fucked by a Mad
Pisaab; Peshaab Piss; Pee
Potty To Shit
Raand Whore
Raapchik Blonde; Babe
Rakhail Keep; Little Wife
Rundee Prostitute
Seal Bund / Seal Pack Virgin
Sarkandi Lady who masturbates with things like wood
Virya; Veerya


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